A&M Business Interior Services

We do moving work – because work moves.

As your business grows and evolves, A&M will ensure workspace changes are carried out quickly and seamlessly.

By acting as an extension of your team, A&M’s unique combination of expertly trained staff, innovative technology, and proven business solutions can eliminate your company’s everyday challenges in the following areas:

  • Commercial Furniture installation
  • Move, add & change
  • Furniture asset management & storage
  • Furniture disposal
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Hospitality

COVID-19 Update & FAQ

Throughout the country we are experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak with similar disruptions to our businesses and communities. The concerns regarding the spread of the virus require continuous action.  Due to the rapidly changing conditions under which we’re operating, we want to address the questions we’re hearing from our clients and partners and across the industry.

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Services we provide

Office Furniture Installation

Whether your company is big or small, A&M is ready to take on your furniture installation project — regardless of the furniture manufacturer.

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Inventory Management & Storage

Our state-of-the-art technologies track the location, availability, and condition of furniture and ensuring that that information is readily accessible to your staff

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Furniture Cleaning & Sanitation Services

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. Managing to an ever-changing working environment has created the need for many organizations to address business and operational continuity concerns associated with potential contamination of furnishings, equipment, or locations. We Can Help!

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COVID-19 Commercial Storage Relief

Contact our experts today about a storage strategy that meets your needs, expectations, and optimizes long-term value.

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Move Add Change / Service Contracts

A&M’s Move Add Change services can help your company attract and retrain the best employees by ensuring that their work environment is safely and efficiently configured.

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Furniture Disposal

When its time for your company to retire existing office furniture, A&M is ready to ensure that your assets are disposed of in a quick, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective manner.

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Hospitality FF&E Installation

A&M’s full-service Hotel FF&E Installation solutions allow us to efficiently receive, deliver, and install your furniture—all while minimizing disturbances for your staff and guests.

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Commercial Moving

Our experienced staff, state of the art tools, and constantly improving asset management solutions empower us to meet and exceed your company’s commercial moving needs.

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Our philosophy

A&M's greatest asset is its employees. By providing our staff with safe environments, state of the art technology, and proven work strategies, we empower them to execute flawlessly. A&M exceeds expectations because its employees exceed expectations.

Safety Philosophy

We believe that all employees—yours and ours—deserve a safe environment so that they can do their best work.

LEAN Methodologies

A&M's goal is to make each of our processes safer, less costly, less wasteful, more customer friendly—and to do it all in less time.

Technology Tools

Our tech tools keep your staff informed about the state of your work orders and assets every step of the way.

Workplace Analysis

A&M is more than moving. We can improve your workspace processes and save you serious cash.