Why Choose A&M

“We do moving work because work moves!”

Safety Philosophy

At A&M, safety is our priority. We have received numerous safety awards and outstanding ratings from national governing bodies who recognize safety performance.

We believe all employees, yours and ours, deserve a safe environment to do their best work. By constantly reviewing our processes, training our staff, and insuring our operations, we offer our clients exceptional value with a stellar safety record.

Our Safety Commitment:

• Create work place awareness through proactive pre and post job assessments
• Utilize proper equipment training
• Implement thorough incident investigation and post-incident follow-up
• Maintain data-driven accountability
• Our safety committees drive safety for all business levels

LEAN Methodologies

We constantly work to create value for our customers by reducing inefficiencies.

A&M’s goal is to make each of our processes safer, less costly, less wasteful, more customer friendly, and do it in less time.

We offer extensive Workplace Analysis services for companies going through workspace transitions and expansions.

We have discovered numerous efficiencies over the last 35 years. Sharing these efficiencies with our clients help them improve quality, safety, and value within their own businesses.

Technology Tools

Our proprietary web-enabled work order management software allows our clients to create work order requests, receive quotes, and monitor the status of their jobs –– all in real time. You can even track your order history.

It is often a challenge to maintain accurate, up-to-date records of the location, availability, and condition of workplace furnishings.

Our web-based asset management solution, SnapTracker, allows your staff to easily view and manage workplace assets. The user friendly interface makes it easy to search by color, fabric choice, item condition, quantities and location. To reserve or request assets, you simply add items to the cart so all team members always have up-to-date information.

Workplace Analysis

Your goal is our goal

Our analysis of Move, Add, Change (MAC) workspace flow allows significant reduction in non-value added costs. Our process is constantly measured, improved, and customized for your changing workspace.

Delivered Results
A&M’s workspace analysis ultimately delivers strategies, recommendations, and tools that create value for your organization. On average, our analysis and findings deliver a 25% reduction of added costs.

We provide:

• Mapping existing processes
• Benchmarks for industry best practices
• Cost reduction strategies
• Impact and effort analysis